Support Forums and Collaborators

Finding community is key for those recovering from a brain injury or facing suspected CTE. Connecting with others who have shared experiences can provide comfort, hope, and help you cope with the most difficult days. See these available support groups:

Closed Facebook groups are for people who can discuss their sports related brain injury confidentially with others that have the same injury. We know many people do not like to use Facebook. You can make your profile private and just for use with these groups. Most are closed groups that you ask to join so your information is protected and you can speak freely. They are very informative and helpful.

This is a closed group for support, discussion, sharing of information and venting for those with CTE, TBI, PCS, and ABI. This group is also for the loved ones and caregivers that are taking a ride through this journey with the survivors as well.:


And this closed Facebook group is for CTE and Concussion Caregivers…

This is another closed group that may be helpful

Created by FOX Sports’ Jay Glazer and former NFL player and Army Green Beret Nate Boyer, the group brings together veterans and athletes to offer each other support.

This great Facebook page runs a support group once a month on a Tuesday at 7 pm.


This organization provides guidance and assistance to athletes, both male and female ages 13-24, who have suffered a catastrophic, life altering and/or career ending sports-related injury with mental, physical, and financial support.


This is a great free webinar to remove anxiety and stress created during the Coronavirus crisis but applicable any time:


This following association should provide guidance and support for CTE families:


The Brain Injury Alliance also has help in many states:









New Jersey:

New Mexico:







Additional Caregiver links:



Also when seeking help for Disabilities please see these links:

NDRN Member Agencies

Other partners in research and caregiving:






Legal Representation

BIAA’s Preferred Attorney’s List: