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Because ignorance is NOT bliss!

Whether you have five minutes, five hours, five days, five months or five years to give, you can help SAVE LIVES…and here are some ways:


We have many opportunities to spread the word about protecting children’s brains and providing information about CTE …

Like and follow our social media pages for all the latest news about CTE. Sharing the information with your friends could save a life of someone you know. CTE is 100% preventable.



BE A DISTRIBUTOR– to one or all…

  1. Family & Friends
  2. Your Home & School Associations
  3. Youth Athletics, school-based, independent leagues, teams, associations, etc.(some links to find places are and or just google youth camps, leagues, etc. in your area)
  4. Doctors and Therapists- we are continually amazed by how little is known of CTE in the medical community. We took Patrick to a Concussion Specialist a year prior to his death. He never mentioned CTE.
  5. General Practioners & Pediatricians need to hear from us.
  6. Physical Therapists & Rehabilitation Centers need more information.
  7. Psychologists, Psychiatrists, and Mental Health Therapists must be made aware of this disease.
  8. Addiction and Drug Rehab specialists need more information.
  9. Suicide Centers must be made aware of the symptoms of CTE if there are to have any hope of rendering assistance.
  10. Veterans Organizations, sadly many veterans are exposed to head trauma from blasts, which can cause CTE, and they are often errantly diagnosed with PTSD.

What we have available:

Yard signs for placement just about anywhere but across from schools, youth athletic fields and child centered places are the best spots.



Pamphlets geared for parents of young children about the benefits of Flag Football over tackle and choosing safe sports. Great in doctors’ offices, child care places, and schools. We can send you any quantity to distribute in your area. See some of them here:

Flag Until 14 Pamphlet



Headbands for Health Fairs and Sports Teams emphasizing SAFE SPORTS = NO-BRAINER. If you have the opportunity to distribute these just let us know how many you need.







Letters for Coaches about safer coaching techniques:

Practice Like Pros

Letters for Medical Examiners and Coroners about Brain Donations to help families know if CTE was a factor in their loved ones death:

Brain Donations Letter SYB

And if you shop on Amazon go to Amazon Smile and they will donate to us if you select us as your favorite charity.


Advocacy – Letters Library

Advocacy is one of the most impactful ways you can help bring about awareness of CTE and more importantly save lives and families. See this page



There are plenty of opportunities, and we can always use your help. Please send us your interest by clicking on the button to Volunteer:






Sadly we are witnessing on a regular basis a failure of teams to follow correct protocols for saving athletes from brain damage. Too often athletes are sent back in the game before the proper time has elapsed to perform the necessary evaluations. Too often game scores are taking precedent over the athletes’ chances for a bright future. And too many athletes, like Patrick, want to achieve success and see themselves as invincible. We need to let these organizations know they are possibly killing their athletes and we see it! Be a game watcher and say something.

How-To Be A StopCTE Gamewatcher:

To be a Stop CTE Game Watcher, simply Tweet any incidents you see to our Game Watcher handle (@CTEGameWatchers) and hashtag #StopCTE. Here’s a few examples: a player going back into the game too soon after a head trama, a team clearly not following concussion protocols, and scary helmet-to-helmet hits.



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Help us get the word out on the internet through Social media sharing. Please check out the graphics and instructions to share we’ve created in our Social Sharing Library: