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Every Hit Hurts

Moms know how to protect kids. That’s what they do. But they need to be told the truth. They need to be told that children’s brains are undeveloped until college age. They need to be told that the human brain can’t heal itself. They need to be told that 32% of amateur collision sports athletes have been found to have CTE. If parents have the right information they can save their families from the devastation of letting a child fall into harm’s way, and they can give their children a chance for a healthy future. They will stop sending them out to fields like little warriors in the equivalent of cheap Halloween costumes to emulate their football heroes. They will know that kids only get one brain, and it is much more fragile than ever imagined, and that it is precious and worth fighting for. Mom’s are the true warriors. They will be the ones winning this battle. CTE is 100% preventable and mom’s are ready for the challenge.

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